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Thank You!

Vine Street Political Consultants will be ceasing primary operations at our firm. To our many clients, WE want to thank you for your friendship, trust and dedication to advancing the America First Agenda and Conservatism in our state and locally. 

If you have any account questions as we work to consolidate, please contact us by sending us an email by clicking here.

We founded our firm with a very simple, yet complex task in our blue state – to launch center-right and conservative candidates into elected office. We're proud of our shared accomplishments over the last three election cycles. 

But there is a lot more work to do. We can't stress enough the need for professional campaign management and consulting within the Republican Party. The old-school machine, Mark Kirk and Bruce Rauner consultants are out of touch with the base and the grass roots taking back our party need consultants who understand tech, branding, marketing and political strategy. 

You can reach Cody by clicking here. Shane by clicking here. Richard by clicking here

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